About Us

The Wellington Mathematics Association's aim is to make maths fun and to promote its understanding through good teaching.  We work with primary and secondary schools in the Wellington region to support teachers and provide professional development.  We also have connections with tertiary institutions and industry and business enterprises where maths is used and promoted.

The WMA committee

President  Bruce Welsh         (Rimu Architects)   

Treasurer  John Mitchell    

Secretary   Judy Randell    (Tawa College)


Derek Smith  (Otago University)   

Lauren Burr  (Chilton Saint James)  

Peter Webb    (St Patricks College Wellington)

Linda Van Milligan 

Sue Allen   (Ministry of Education)

David Amrein


Membership is offered to schools and individuals and needs to be renewed (by payment) each year.  A school membership means any staff member from that school is a member.  Schools are invoiced annually (if you haven't received an invoice, please contact the treasurer).

Membership form is available here.

Life Members

2014  Mike Camden    

2015  Linda Van Milligan

2018  Derek Smith