WMA Mathswell Competition

A yearly competition across multiple year levels to promote the study of maths at schools through the use of problem solving.

From 2016 there are some changes to the competition.

All competitions will have cup and plate sections.  The first round of 13 problem solving and 15 multi-choice questions are answered by the two teams as normal.  After this the top 10 teams will be announced - they will compete for the cup, the others compete for the plate.  Another round of 13 Problem solving and 15 multi-choice questions follow.  The total scores from all rounds are used to then rank the schools and prizes are awarded.

The Y11 competition follows this format with a team of 6.

From 2018 the Y5/6 competition is to be held over two venues.  The South competition covers schools in the Wellington City area (includes Johnsonville and Tawa).  The North competition is for schools beyond the Wellington City region, ie schools in the Hutt Valley, Porirua and beyond.

The VUWMA Maths Challenge

A cooperative venture between VUW and WMA to provide a challenge for senior students and to introduce them to the VUW maths department.