Maths mate

Onslow College no longer uses the "Maths Mate" Programme with its maths classes.  

This programme provides a daily or weekly ( depending on how you use it) worksheet covering basic skills and a few puzzles.  Repetition is built in as is easy tracking for the students and teachers of their results and improvements.

As we considered it a good programme we did not discard the excess student booklets, Teachers Manuals and other resources we have accumulated.  As we have 9 classes at year 9 and another 9 at year 10 there is a considerable volume of resources available for use.

They are all sorted, labeled and in excellent condition. They are therefore ready for use at a variety of levels of mathematics.

We are keen to offer them (free) to any school who would be able to use them for their students. We would arrange transport to the school. 

Alternatively, if you know of any homework centers or have other contacts that may like to receive these resources, could you please email me   or Bruce Welsh.

Thank you
Anne Smith
Assistant LAL Mathematics