Here you can find links and downloads of useful resources.


Mike Camden HOD Day presentation

Mike Camden's presentation at HOD Day 2014. "Structural Statistical Thinking in School or Visualising Variation in Concepts or Ideas on Teaching, Stats, Life".  Both the power point and the examples are here.

Chris Franklin Presentation May 18 2015

Christine Franklin from the University of Georgia, Athens, GA USA presented at the WMA stats education seminar.  Her talk was titled "Statistics and K-12 in the United Stats: We've Come a Long Way!"  The power point is attached.

The Public Use of Statistics

A presentation given to the NZSA conference November 2014 by Bruce Welsh.


Geometry in the Computer Age

A talk given by Dillon Mayhew as part of the Royal Society 10 x 10 lecture series for 2014.

Geometry in the Computer Age

The Art of Mathematics

Prof Marcus du Sautoy gave this lecture in Wellington as part of the Royal Society Distinguished speaker series in December 2014.


Some instructions on how to use Geogebra put together by David Amrein for HoD Day 2013.

NZAMT13 workshop resources